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Casa Elsa


Casa Elsa

On via Saroch 1296, Casa Elsa is a lodge located very close to the center of Livigno.

It is located just behind the ski area Carosello 3000, which offers much fun and enjoyment.

Casa Elsa offers two apartments, 30 m² each, which can accommodate 2-4 people.
It also has a three-room apartment, 45 ㎡ , for 3-6 people, as well as a 40 ㎡ attic apartment.

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Livigno is fabulous!

An incredible location at the heart of the Rhaetian Alps


The Astra Apartments are located in Livigno

The Astra Apartments are located in Livigno on the following streets: Via Saroch, Via Rin, Via Vinecc and Via Rasia. Via Saroch at the intersection of Via Plana della Golp and Via Piz Bela changes name to Via Rin. Via Vinecc runs parallel. All of the houses are a very short distance from the center.