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Visiting Livigno means a vacation filled with a wide variety of activities, including both sport and relaxation.
Livigno is a mountain resort, 1816 meters above sea level, which offers natural diversion and sport for mountain lovers.

During the winter, with the city and surroundings covered in snow, Livigno offers beautiful ski slopes for both professional and amateur skiers and snowboard lovers, as well as trails for hiking and snowshoeing.

In the spring and summer Livigno is a favorite destination for those who prefer mountain excursions on nearby trails or even those at the Stelvio Park.

Livigno is also home to cycling! If you’re a cycling lover, here you’ll find bike paths as well as mountain bike trails.

Do you prefer a calmer outdoor activity instead? You can also go fishing along the river Spöl or play golf at the Golf Training Area.

If you simply enjoy walking through the lovely town of LIvigno, breathing fresh mountain air, remember that you are in a duty-free zone here, and the products you purchase are all duty free, and therefore exempt of VAT taxes.

There are very few other places in Italy which offer its guests so much as Livigno does, a vacation full of excitement!

Why choose our apartments?

  1. 1They are all located close to the ski areas
  2. 2You can take advantage of special deals at the restaurant La Pioda
  3. 3You can take advantage of the formula Hotel Astra and access to their Wellness Center
  4. 4Free wifi, and a small surprise to welcome you
  5. 5Good prices, discounts and special offers for your vacation
  6. 6Flexibility to change or cancel your reservation
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Livigno is fabulous!

An incredible location at the heart of the Rhaetian Alps


The Astra Apartments are located in Livigno

The Astra Apartments are located in Livigno on the following streets: Via Saroch, Via Rin, Via Vinecc and Via Rasia. Via Saroch at the intersection of Via Plana della Golp and Via Piz Bela changes name to Via Rin. Via Vinecc runs parallel. All of the houses are a very short distance from the center.